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These candles are custom made to your spiritual needs that fall in three categories:

Self Love, Prosperity, and Protection.


Self love is used in situations where you need a reminder of your self worth, shining positive energy on yourself, and rising out of a dark situation.


Prosperity encourages fiancial growth, business opportunties, as well as opening up job opportunities.


Protection is best used when you need an extra set of protection when traveling, making changes to your life style, moving, taking any sort of risk, or when your safety is compromised.  

Conjure Ritual Candle

  • Keep all candles out of the reach of children and pets. 

    Place candles in a small bowl of water, and allow to burn for the full duration of the candle. 

    If you need to put the candle out, make sure you cover it momentarily instead of blowing it out. 

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